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We Are Now Blogging!!

We Are Now Blogging!!



Welcome to the first entry of a weekly blog that will (hopefully) give some useful tips, handy applications (with a general review and ‘how to’ guide) and some general info on what is happening in the world of tech. Hopefully you will find something useful as the weeks go on if not at least something a little bit interesting from what is happening in the world that can further help anything that your business is trying to achieve.


Not Just a Website

Some of you may have noticed we have a new look website (slick, professional and oh so awesome!!), the older one just not feeling right, so now we have great information on what we can offer as a CRM but the site also offers some more useful applications. Its easy to have a site that details basic information on what you offer and what your company does, but we wanted a…well…..more interactive feel for you. When looking through the site you will (hopefully) notice it is loaded with features you can use any time, ranging from a password generator to help get the most secure passwords you could possibly imagine!! to a simple speed test to help you judge if there is an issue with your speed (based on the speeds you should be getting). We also have an ever growing list of downloadable software utilities (links are provided to the sites in which you can get the downloads from) which can help in many areas of different businesses, this is something that will be ever growing so it will always be worth checking back every now and then. 


Short and Sweet

future posts will be a bit longer (BORE!! I heree you say) as we will cover as much as is physically possible but as far as a first introducing blog post can go, Its better to be short and sweet and move onto to bigger and better articles (and again, more useful ones than this) than to write a very elongated post that in short will be saying “hi”.

But, thats all for now, take care and will catch you in future articles

Kyle Roberts