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The Top 5 Best Secure Password Managers

The Top 5 Best Secure Password Managers

So Why Have Them

As covered in our previous article (The Importance of Password Security) password security is fundamentally important, especially when protecting sensitive information. In a business environment, its easy to get bogged down passwords as everything has them, login areas for staff, restricted files, admin areas, login on to your computer etc. The easiest and most secure way is to use a password manager.

The simplest reason for having them is to make it much easier for you to keep everything safe without having to remember multiple passwords, why remember 20 when you can just remember one. So, as an example, lets say you needed a password to access 25 different pieces of software, ideally, you want 25 different passwords. The worst thing you can do is use the same password for all of them as it would be make it simple for hackers to get to everything (or even employees). With a password manager, you can create 25 random passwords, store them in the manger and use one password to access it. This is a great and simple way of keeping everything super safe and easy for you to remember that one off password.

Our Top Five

If you are looking for a safe, secure and free password manager, just take a look at our top five and save yourself the time and effort of surfing the web and check these ones out:

  1. Keepass – This password manager is simple to download and easy to use and gives an unlimited amount of passwords to keep. The database that stores everything uses AES and Twofish so is very effectively encrypted to give great security to you. Once you have downloaded Keepass, the interface is simple to use, simply add new password, create the password you want then done. You can also edit the password field itself to give you info on what its for, the URL link for the site or file that the password covers and a text field which you can store the user name, Keepass really does keep everything together. For those who also enjoy programme  development, the software is open source so you are able to check if the encryption algorithms are implemented correctly. Keepass is all stored onto the hard drive for you.
  2. lastpass – This password manager is easy to download and also gives unlimited password storage. Lastpass also uses cloud based technology thus enabling you to have a n extension on your preferred browser in which you can then login and keep everything up to date and in order. Lastpass also has a mobile version to allow you to access the password manager on the go using your mobile or tablet. This is handy to allow you to change things on the go should you feel the need to.  This password manager also has a premium version which will also synchronize across multiple devices and allows for the sharing of secure with other people.
  3. dashlane – Another simple download and also unlimited password storage and is also usable on multiple devices (again perfect for when your on the go). Able to grant up to 5 contacts shared access to the account which is very handy for allowing administrators, business partners etc access. Same as lastpass, it has a premium edition which allows for unlimited synching. Dashlane and lastpass are very similar to each other and offer very similar solutions so it is defiantly worth trying both if your a bit unsure on which looks better to you, but both are excellent password managers and great across all platforms
  4. Roboform – aside from the usual easy download and setup, roboform has a lot of nice features. It comes with the usual password generator, one click logins, auto remembers passwords, keeps passwords organised etc. It offers multi platform support which is handy if you are working from windows to mac and  using multiple browsers between them all. If you are also planning to use the database for storing software licence keys or wi-fi passwords, roboform can use encrypted text notes to keep everything hidden from general, giving you security should other people also have access. Roboform is however limiting on the free side, you have very few features to use and can only store a dew password, this one is worth it however if you are looking for a premium plan.
  5. Stickypassword – Once more, very simple to setup (last time you will here this!!) but what is good from sticky password is that it has been created by the experts that created AVG Anti-virus which gives that extra confidence that security is paramount here. Stickypassword offer the usual that you will see everyone use, great encryption, the ability to synchronize files locally so will always be on all your devices making it very handy on the go, works on all major platforms etc. Some of the unique  features are great, such as biometric authentication (use your fingerprint – the best type of security to be able to login with and saves even remembering any passwords). Where as other password managers offer useful side features, if your main focus is security then Stickypassword should be what you look at as all its features (and even the feel of their site) are completely geared towards security

There are many others out there that you could look into but as of 2017 these are some of the most favoured by people and very simple to use. In regards to a business, there are some great features that can also be utilised to help certain aspect of your businees more efficient so its worth having a quick glance at the features each one offers

Kyle Roberts