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The Power of Social

The Power of Social

The power of social for your business!!

Social Media is a very powerful tool in our world today, since its introduction in 2004, Facebook alone has done nothing but go from strength to strength. At its heart, it allows for friends to stay connected, chat and organize etc.  As a business, it’s easy to see through all that and realise what the potential could be, having a free marketing and advertising tool. Social sites such as Facebook, twitter, reddit etc. Can help boost the profile of your company and brand and allow you to advertise to potential customers.


But how can I use it?

Every business is different, and as a result every company needs to look at their demographic to know how best they should utilise social media. Take our company and its Facebook page as an example (Tonic Solutions) it allows us to give a very quick and responsive message to our customers about any updates that happen with us, or when we have a new blog post become available, helping us get the traffic we need and aim it at the people who need it. Although handy for our client base, our blog is useful for anyone in the tech world and so helps to broaden our demographic to anyone who enjoys tech.

On the flip side, a business in the retail market will look at Facebook to attract as many followers as possible, as it gives them an avenue to push new products and deals, resulting in higher turnover. The key thing is how you understand your business and knowing who to aim at. These best practices are an easy start into the world of social to get you up and running:

  1.  Understand, understand and understand – look at what you are selling or offering and understand who you want to aim at. There is nothing worse than having a great product and not knowing who it is for or aiming at too much, it can result on a lot of time spent using social media and getting nowhere and time is way too precious! Although this is obvious, it can be surprising how often business will target the wrong audience and will result in no growth or exposure and could really hamper your business. It is also worth understanding and scouting out similar businesses to see how they do it and what helps them
  2. Get signed up – There are many social media sites out there i.e. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and the more you can get signed up to the better. Although signing up too many can be a bit daunting, you can link many together so one post will spread over most of them, but, the more you sign up to the better exposure you will have!
  3. Get posting – Another simple yet very important and often overlooked topic but it’s the way social media works. In fact, the clue is in the title, SOCIAL!! people want the interaction, and unfortunately, if you post once a week, or even a month, people just won’t follow you, they need a reason. Post regularly and I mean multiple times a day. People want to interact with you and if they look at your page and see you hardly post, they won’t follow you as it just isn’t worth it. Make sure you do it often, if you find yourself far too busy then employ someone to do it, if you’re going to do social you can’t do half an attempt, it’s all or nothing!
  4. Let’s get some followers – this is key!! Quite simply put, the more followers you have the more people who will see your posts and in turn, they will share and like posts and will result in more people visiting and liking your page, it’s a perfect circle that helps your business grow. Although in the early days this can take time to grow, there are a few tricks to helping your followers grow. On sites like twitter, it can be a good idea to type in keywords which link to what you offer, for example, an I.T business can start with I.T or computers, this will help you to reach out to people who have an interest in that field. On Facebook, its best to start with friends and family and get them to share posts that you make. It’s worth noting that with Facebook, you can pay to have a sponsored post which can be used to boost your posts to a desired audience over a specified length of time. This is great early on to help get followers who could have a keen interest in what you offer!
  5. Engaging – Again, the key point of social media is being SOCIAL! you need to be engaging with your audience and in as positive a way as possible. Respond to your follower’s comments to keep them interested and create some posts that start a conversation and help make you look “human” i.e. ‘It’s the weekend, who has that Friday feeling!’, between all the advertising, promoting and selling that your company is about it helps to make you look fun and more relaxed helping in creating more engagement with your audience
  6. Content – lastly, the posts themselves, make them look great. Every post is an impression of your business and so you want it to look great. Promoting items or a blog can look great with good images and headings which are a great way at grabbing the audience’s attention. Even simple posts such as greetings can make use of snazzy and fun wording for audiences to give a reaction to and give a fun factor too (again making you look a little human to your followers)

Easy steps for a new and growing business, or for a company pushing out for the first time onto social media. This can also be used if you have been on social media for a while but you are at wits end as to how to move things forward. Hopefully you can find this article useful and helpful to getting your business and branding exposed in new places, but remember, do not feel daunted by how much can be involved with social media, its free!! So you will not waste money even if it doesn’t work and once its setup it’s just a matter of post, post and post!!