June 2017

Wherever you go, shops, supermarkets, or even city centres, recycling is everywhere. Every year, more and more materials are eligible for recycling, which is a great thing. It gives less strain on precious resources by reusing what is already there, it helps us ti improve our carbon footprint and it is generally a lot better for the environment, it may also shock some people to know (as there are a lot of people who are unaware) that electrical items are also recyclable, and considering the materials they are made out of that is a very good thing. The Benefits of Recycling The benefits are many but also very important as well as extremely useful: Environmental - computers contain hazardous waste, plastic being a big one and hazardous materials being another. Materials involved range from mercury and lead to beryllium and chromium, all of

In this current age (the age of technology), emails are a great marketing tool to get your product straight to your customer base. As useful as this is, there is so much of it out there that quite often it can get marked as spam and does not get seen by your audience. Laying out and wording your emails in a correct manner can help you to avoid spam filters. What can I do? The CAN-SPAM Act - get to know it. knowing the act will naturally help to beat spam filters, so, avoiding misleading headers, telling recipients how they can opt out of future emails, monitor what others are doing on your behalf etc. easy and simple to follow but it can really help to a) keep trouble away and b) help deliver your emails to the right place Avoid

It's one thing to rely on computer software to block everything that is coming in. Weather it's windows firewall, Norton or AVG, we all need to be protected from online threats which attack us from all sources. Despite how good our security can be there is one defining factor which can override how useful security software is… US!!! Computers will follow a path that we create (coding) and unless the coding is wrong it will work and do its job the way we have made it, even if it fails it will generally be down to a human error. People, however, can cause major issues to security whether staying logged in on important documents (visibly showing to other employees) or not ensuring security is up to date, quite often that we are the weak link. How to become a stronger link Unfortunately,

We have been selling refurbished desktops to our clients for quite some time now and although we offer windows 7 and 10, the core system still taken is windows XP. This operating system was first introduced in 2001 (16 years old!!) and despite the numerous Operating Systems (OS) that have been released since it, is still the 3rd most popular OS available. Despite its age, business's still see it as incredibly reliable and perfect for the software that they use, as the saying goes, why fix what is broken.   Should I keep it? There are still some pro's to keeping XP, pretty big ones as well which is why so many people are sticking with it: Stability - as XP has been around for so long, Microsoft have been able to iron out any issues and bugs that have cropped up. This