How to Get Your Email Delivered

How to Get Your Email Delivered

In this current age (the age of technology), emails are a great marketing tool to get your product straight to your customer base. As useful as this is, there is so much of it out there that quite often it can get marked as spam and does not get seen by your audience. Laying out and wording your emails in a correct manner can help you to avoid spam filters.

What can I do?

  1. The CAN-SPAM Act – get to know it. knowing the act will naturally help to beat spam filters, so, avoiding misleading headers, telling recipients how they can opt out of future emails, monitor what others are doing on your behalf etc. easy and simple to follow but it can really help to a) keep trouble away and b) help deliver your emails to the right place
  2. Avoid the triggers – obvious, but, there are many words and phishing techniques that will be picked up on instantly. Although there is no comprehensive list, it’s worth searching what to avoid as there will be some lists that will benefit you on what to avoid
  3. Spam checkers – before mass sending your emails it would be worth utilising a spam checking service, these will check for certain triggers and will let you know if your emails will be detected by spam filters
  4. Permission marketing – when sending out emails to customers (ones they know they will be getting i.e. they have signed up to a service and are awaiting a confirmation email) you can add opt in features for them to receive emails off you in the future, this helps to avoid spam filters as the recipient has accepted future emails off you.
  5. Grammar – Ensure you spell check and layout your document in a professional way. A lot of spam is reported due to poor grammar as it looks like it’s from an insecure sender and could be seen as potential scam
  6. Secure your mail account – Use a strong password ensuring people cannot access our emails, purposely sent spam in this way will ruin your credibility

There is always more you can do

These are 5 simple steps that can make an impact straight away, but beating spam filters will be an ongoing task. Always lookup new and fresh ways of dealing with filters, once you have cracked it keep it as a template, it will make it easier to tweak as when you need to.