Responsible IT Recycling

Responsible IT Recycling

Wherever you go, shops, supermarkets, or even city centres, recycling is everywhere. Every year, more and more materials are eligible for recycling, which is a great thing. It gives less strain on precious resources by reusing what is already there, it helps us ti improve our carbon footprint and it is generally a lot better for the environment, it may also shock some people to know (as there are a lot of people who are unaware) that electrical items are also recyclable, and considering the materials they are made out of that is a very good thing.

The Benefits of Recycling

The benefits are many but also very important as well as extremely useful:

  • Environmental – computers contain hazardous waste, plastic being a big one and hazardous materials being another. Materials involved range from mercury and lead to beryllium and chromium, all of which can seep into soil and water, deadly to us and wildlife. E-waste is a rapidly growing solid waste stream which can have a detrimental effect on our environment. Recycling e-waste helps to minimise this impact as well as giving back reusable materials
  • Materials – the contents of e-waste can be re-purposed when there recycled, again keeping harmful materials out of the environment and serving a better and more useful purpose
  • Costs – already mentioned but it’s important. As each month passes, we all tend to find the price of everything tends to go up. The same is for the electrical’s we use, recycling our e-waste allows for refurbished items to be made helping make electrical products stay cheaper and, importantly, readily available (at low costs). Recycling through out-of-use goods will help to keep your purchasing costs lower as well as freeing up physical space in the company. The handy benefit of this is that trying to repair electrical products yourself can be costly and not cost-effective (the cost exceeds the value of the items), recycling  instead and keep the refurbished market thriving as a result will be a far cheaper way to keep your IT infrastructure going than it will be to keep repairing it.
  • Community – recycling your e-waste can help communities in a few ways. These items can be refurbished and sold at low costs to schools, low-income families or to charity organisations who can’t afford a computer but can make good use of one. Another way of helping communities is job creation, items that can’t be refurbished and resold will need to be sorted and people will be needed to do this.
  • Convenience – getting rid of a lot of waste can be an unnecessary expense, paying a local removal service or council to remove it (especially with larger quantities of e-waste) or potentially wasting staff hours to sort through it. Using us to collect your unwanted e- waste is great for you, economically (it’s a free service) and so removes the headache of having to sort it yourself.

What Can You Do?

The fact is that recycling benefits everything in one way or another. The best thing you can do is don’t just throw it away. If you are out shopping and pop into a place that sells electrical goods, chances are you will have heard of or seen the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment) Directive. This allows you to bring your end – of – life electrical’s to a company that will safely dispose of them for you. The bonus to this scheme is that you don’t have to do anything except drop or send the items to the recipient or, in the case of Tonic Solutions, we’ll even pick them up for you and will take care of everything for you. Recycling is important as it is but the benefits to recycling e-waste are huge and it’s something that we greatly believe in,this is why we offer the WEEE service ourselves and are happy to take your unwanted electrical’s off you in order to safely dispose of them (including free pick up) just get in touch with us on: 033 333 53 533 to chat to one of our advisers and find out more.