How to Start Advertising your New Business Online

How to Start Advertising your New Business Online

Setting up a new business is a big deal. There is a lot of work involved from sourcing the product/service to sell, who to sell it to, how much it will all

cost etc. Even when all this is sorted, you need to get the product out there, if people do not know you exist then no one will purchase your product/service. The modern age of technology means, in some way shape or form, people are online whether it’s from a desktop or laptop at home or a tablet or mobile when you’re travelling, people are always capable of seeing advertisement all the time. When starting up a business, it is key to tap into this for people to see what you do and enable your business to flourish.

What to do?

The online market is huge, with millions of sites so it can be difficult to break down the areas you should aim for, a lot of this will have already been narrowed down when you studied your target market. However, there are a lot of places you can push your newly growing business:

  1. Social Media – an obvious one but always remember it’s free. When you start to market your business, being able to advertise for free is an opportunity no one should take for granted. As well as being free, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give you access to millions of people globally and, compared to having to create a full marketing campaign, allows you to grow your page with followers and then place responsive posts advertising products/services to all that follow you as well as on trends, very little work that helps get your brand seen.
  2. SEM (search engine marketing) – SEM is great for getting your ads onto search engines, these will get viewed when people are searching for pages related to your product, considering the popularity of search engines to find what people need, it’s a great way of pushing your product/service to a massive audience.  Google is by far the biggest, owning a whopping 81% of the market, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use others as well. Bing, for example, owns 6% (and is the 2nd largest search engine provider) but in a world with a population of 7.5 billion people, 6% is still a lot so it is worth using multiple search engines to advertise, don’t rest on just the one.
  3. Blog – blogging, especially early on is a great tool to use. Again, it’s free to do, but it also gives you the space to input your passion and enthusiasm about your product/service, and use it to increase our search engine optimization ranking to drive traffic to your site. Blogging also helps to engage your customers so you can communicate with them and help to develop loyalty to your brand.
  4. Vlogging – this is a great tool but dependent upon the nature of your business. Vlogging is great in that it looks good, a confident person on screen talking about how great the product/service is and how it works etc. It is also great for having a “face” for the business, someone people will recognise or know of when your product/service is talked about. Like with all other online marketing tools, it helps to drive traffic to your website and puts your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ranking higher again.
  5. Networking – Networking is handy thing to do as it can link you with likeminded people who have already been there and done it. Although some people in this respect may be rivals, it does help you to get some much-needed advice of people who have done it all but also it can help you to become associated with the right people who can push and advertise your business (such as in certain geographic areas). Linkedin is a good example, it links business owners together so they can share ideas and advice and even help with recruiting.
  6. Forums – again, it’s free!! Look at industry related forums, again this can give useful advice, but it will also strengthen your SEO and forums are used regularly by people to locate certain products or services and gives you another avenue to market your product.
  7. Reviews – Get review sites to checkout your product/service. Your SEO ranking will improve as your product/service will be hitting more and more areas of the internet, but more people will be inclined to make use of or purchase what your offering when it’s getting a lot of good reviews.
  8. Newsletters – an easy tool to master but once you are getting a regular flow of traffic coning to your site, a newsletter will help to keep driving them back. The newsletter can let people knowof sales that are happening or new products/services than are arriving or that you have a new blog post. All this will help to keep
  9. customers coming back to your site ensuring you can keep traffic building to it.

It’s Not That Scary

Online marketing has a lot to offer, and it’s something than you will never stop doing and as time goes on you will learn more and more about it. These are basics that will help get you started and will point you into the right direction you need to help grow your business. It does seem scary, but once you get stuck in it will become easier and more clear and easier to market your product/service online and the more people that start to follow and purchase off, the easier marketing to them will be.