Address Checker


please bare with us, we are currently improving the address checker, thank you.

fssWhat is an Address Checker?

An address checker is a system in which you can type in a customers postcode and check their address.

ssWhy is This Important?

In this day and age, up-to-date and accurate data is extremely important, incorrect data will make it more difficult to reach your customers. Considering the multiple ways in which data can be received i.e. phone, e-mail, post etc it can be easy for data to be incorrectly processed. In turn, with a database filled with incorrect data, important information, such as invoices, will not reach customers.

With a customers post code, the address checker will allow you to guarantee the correct address for all customers (based on the post code you have for them) ensuring you can be as up to date as possible and thus removing any future complications

ssTonic Solutions Address Checker

Our address checker allows for five free look ups per IP address per day. If you purchase tonic from us this becomes an unlimited amount allowing you to always keep on top of customer details at all times.