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  • So Why Have Them As covered in our previous article (The Importance of Password Security) password security is fundamentally important, especially when protecting sensitive information. In a business environment, its easy to get bogged down passwords as everything has them, login areas for staff, restricted files, admin areas, login on to your computer etc. The easiest and most secure way is to use a password manager. The simplest reason for having them is to make it much easier for you to keep

  • Is it Really Important It is pretty fair to say that in our modern culture, technology is improving rapidly day by day. Computers are becoming more powerful, computer games are getting more advanced and internet threats i.e. hackers, are getting more bold and understanding of how to best to get to peoples information. In the last couple of years alone, people have has personal information taken from banks like Natwest and large tech companies like Sony. A lot of you may be aware that only a few

  •   welcome Welcome to the first entry of a weekly blog that will (hopefully) give some useful tips, handy applications (with a general review and ‘how to’ guide) and some general info on what is happening in the world of tech. Hopefully you will find something useful as the weeks go on if not at least something a little bit interesting from what is happening in the world that can further help anything that your business is trying to achieve.   Not Just a Website Some of yo