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IP Checker

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fssWhat is an IP Address?

Simply put, your IP address is your computer or networks location on a larger network and facilitates the transfer of data much like your postal address does with mail. In reality it’s a little more complicated than this…you can read more information on IP addresses Here.


ssWhy Would Anyone Need My IP?

We’ll need to IP address in order to identify your computer or network, this can be for security purposes (for example to help ensure that requests originate from you) or for support and troubleshooting purposes (to allow us to check the route from our servers to your location).

ssMy IP Address Keeps Changing

There are two main type of IP address, the first is called a static IP, if you have a business connection then you may already have one of these. The second is called a dynamic or DHCP address. This is assigned automatically by your ISP and is subject to change when a predefined (lease) time expires. It can also expire earlier in some cases such as:

  • Connection reset such as router reboot or power cut
  • Switching connection when using mobile broadband (e.g. loss of signal, roaming etc)
  • IP refresh from ISP as part of network maintainance

Normally the changes wouldn’t be noticeable and you would be able to continue browsing normally, however in some applications such as VOIP and IP loacked enviroments this can lead to service disruption. If this is happening to you we recommend you ask for a static IP address.

ssHow do I Get a Static IP Address?

You should contact your ISP (it looks like AS2856 British Telecommunications PLC to us) and ask them to provide a static IP, this is usually easy for business connections but if you’re running from home broadband you may need to consider upgrading.