Other Services

ssApplication & Web Cloud Hosting

Our distributed cloud ensures that your applications and data is available to you when you want it, where you want it. We have worked closely with our technology partners to provide a robust and
scalable platform, perfect for anything from a website to a multi-faceted content delivery system. As with all Tonic products, our cloud hosting can be totally customised to suit your requirements.

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ssHosted Software Suites

Our software solutions bring all the features and capabilities of an on-site system but with the added benefits of:

  • Scalability – Resources for surge usage or expansion are instantly available and require no down-time.
  • No expensive equipment costs – There’s no large outlays at the beginning of a project or upgrade.
  • Support availability – No requirement to provide access to your premises for support or repairs in most instances.
  • No lengthy tie-ins – The flexibility of cloud systems means you’re not left supporting obsolete systems.

 ssIT Purchasing & Advice

We can support your business by supplementing your existing purchasing strategy to take advantage of our experience and knowledge in the industry. Using our purchasing advice, our customers have been able to source more suitable products for their business at a lower cost. We can work with you to devise an IT purchasing strategy and suitable budget that will allow your business to achieve your objectives at the best price.

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 ssCustom Software Development

One of our driving principles is that the system should bend to meet the requirements of the user and not the other way round, with custom development from Tonic, you can reap the rewards that are often lacking in off-the-shelf solutions.


ssSMS Delivery API

SMS is a vital tool allowing you to engage with your customers instantly and even attract new ones. Our SMS delivery system is not only rich in features but competitive on price as well. With a robust API to tie in to your existing systems and native support for Tonic CRM, our text messaging platform is hard to beat.

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ssIT Support & Consultancy

From the new startup with a non-existent technical staff to large enterprises, our support team will assist you when you need us the most. From times of crisis to simple advice, you can draw from our vast industry experience.